Friday, January 19, 2007

An Evening with Kathy Griffin

I love Kathy Griffin. I love her trainwreck of a Bravo reality show. I love her on Larry King talking shit about her ex-husband, and I love her throwing down with Star Jones. I love her so much that I chose to see her at Carnegie Hall over Kristin Chenoweth at the Met. Let me just say that I made the right choice. From the moment Griffin walked on stage, looked out at the cavernous (and sold out) Stern Auditorium, and muttered, "Holy shit," she held the audience in the palm of her hand. Two hours and a thousand Britney's, Lindsay's and Whitney's later, the crowd leapt to their feet and delivered a thunderous, well-earned ovation. And to my more elitist friends who constantly pontificate to me that Griffin is nothing more than a watered-down Sandra Bernhard impersonator, I'll leave you with this image: Dick Cheney's teabags on Ann Coulter's forehead. You really had to be there

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