Sunday, January 21, 2007

Frank's Home

Like Christine Ebersole's Little Edie Beale, Peter Weller is so deeply committed to his character that there is never a doubt in your mind that you are seeing Frank Lloyd Wright on stage. He centers Richard Nelson's banal and bland drama Frank's Home, an exercise in futility that chronicles three days in the later life of the famed architect. Mr. Weller plays Wright as a fragile soul, divorced from the world while trying to retain a modicum of pride. Also wonderful are Harris Yulin, as Wright's mentor, Louis Sullivan; Maggie Siff, reminiscent of a young Judy Kuhn as his loving but resentful daughter, Catherine; and Mary Beth Fisher as his flighty, alcoholic mistress. Still, the play--like the roofs of Wright's homes--tends to leak a bit too much.

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