Saturday, February 17, 2007

Talk Radio

In the age when the Rush Limbaughs and Ann Coulters of the world are more popular and more prevelant than ever, Eric Bogosian's Talk Radio seems as relevant as ever. Robert Falls' crackling revival, currently previewing at the Longacre, is full of fun and livewire intensity. As Barry Champlain, a no-holds-barred shock jock whose Cleveland radio show is about to go national, Liev Schreiber has possibly turned in his best stage performance yet; he's galvanizing and engrossing, but never plays it too over the top. You believe every word he's saying, even when Bogosian's dialogue runs toward the ridiculous, and your eyes remain glued to him throughout the entire intermissionless 100 minutes of the show. He's ably supported by Peter Herrmann and Stephanie March, who delivers the "Barry Champlain is a nice place to visit..." monologue better than anyone I've ever heard before. I'm really loving the play revivals on Broadway this season; each one seems stronger than the last.

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