Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Pirate Queen

I was tricked by The Pirate Queen. The first act of Boublil and Schonberg's overblown new musical was boring, but it wasn't bad. Based on this, I stayed for the second act, where everything turned to shit. Nothing about this show juxtaposes: the music is wildly unbalanced, the characters leave you unsympathetic, and Graciela Daniele's signature stomps-though wonderful-are not right here. It comes off seeming like Riverdance with a book. Unlike Les Miserables, which I personally love, I never once got chills from the music, and I was never moved. One thing this production does have going for it, though, is Stephanie J. Block in the title role. A performer with a fierce belt and a credible actress, Block turns triteness into treasure, and makes the show feel semi-watchable, even at its most ludicrous. She should jump ship to a better show.

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