Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Tall Grass

So, I've got to stop seeing shows just because Marla Schaffel is in them. While New York's Tony-nominated best kept secret is always wonderful to watch, I've had to endure seeing her in the worst kinds of dreck over the past few year (save Carmelina, of course). The new play she's appearing in, Tall Grass, is quite possibly the most mind-numbing crap I've seen in quite some time. An evening of three one-acts written by a Manhattan stock analyst, each plays is seemingly worse than the one preceeding it. Schaffel shows that she's quite able to execute straight comedy, but her two co-stars are horribly actory and verge on unwatchable. When I wasn't nodding off, I was checking my watch. And when I wasn't checking my watch, I was wondering why Marla Schaffel isn't going to be playing Lizzie Curry in the upcoming 110 in the Shade revival.

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