Sunday, December 17, 2006

Heartbreak House

I attended the closing performance of Roundabout's top-notch revival of Shaw's Heartbreak House yesterday. It was my third time seeing the show, and I was once again dazzled by the wit and timeliness of Shaw's language, and the quality of the performances. Everyone brought their A-game for this show: Philip Bosco was appropriately dry as old Captain Shotover, and Swoosie Kurtz brought drollery to a whole new level as his eccentric daughter, Hesione Hushabye. Lily Rabe (the best young stage actress I've seen in years) and Laila Robins were divine, and Byron Jennings-a dramatic stalwart over the years-proved himself a brilliant comic performer. New York needs more visible Shaw productions, if I do say so myself, and ones of the quality of this revival. Might I suggest a major revival of Man and Superman?

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