Wednesday, February 7, 2007

A Very Common Procedure

This play is more than just common; it's downright bad. I was crying on the inside for my girl Lynn Collins. So brilliant as Rosalind in NYSF's As You Like It two summers ago, girlfriend is now saddled with a solipsistic and stupid play about a woman who falls for the doctor who performed a surgery that ended up killing her infant daughter. Courtney Baron wrote Ms. Collins' character as a shallow and mean-spirited nightmare of a woman, and she receives absolutely no sympathy from the audience. You know there's something wrong when a woman who has lost her premature baby comes out as more villain than victim. To quote an elderly gentlemen in earshot when leaving the theatre: "Just give her 300 milligrams of Motrin and she'd get over it!"

Lynn, I still love you, though. Please get someone to revive Cat on a Hot Tin Roof for you.


Aaron Riccio said...

Good lord, you're on a roll here with the plays this month. Sorry that you wound up walking into a stinker.

Cameron said...

My love for Lynn Collins often leads me to the worst possible places. "The Lake House", for example.

Moxie said...

Yes, Yes, and Yes. What a terrible play, and what a waste of three very fine actors.