Monday, March 26, 2007

The Broadway Musicals of 1938

Scott Siegel and the team at Town Hall gave New York yet another wonderful evening of old-time Broadway showtunes, sung by today's brightest stars. There really weren't any poor performances, as the singers beautifully interpreted tunes from classics like The Boys From Syracuse and The Cradle Will Rock, as well as more obscure musicals like The Girl From Wyoming and Right This Way. Director Emily Skinner perfectly matched artist and number with almost every song, and the energy was palpable on stage. Among the highlights were Shannon Lewis' electrifyingly sung and danced "My Heart Belongs To Daddy"; Martin Vidnovic's mournful and glorious "September Song"; and Christiane Noll, who stopped the show cold with an achingly beautifully (and sparklingly unamplified) "Falling in Love With Love". Bartlett Sher, here's your Nellie Forbush. The night was wonderfully capped with Ms. Skinner herself taking the stage and delivering one of the most gorgeous renditions of "I'll Be Seeing You" that I've ever heard. Next up, the gang will tackle 1959, with Skinner and Marc Kudisch, among others, starring. I'm hoping they'll do a Herbie/Rose number together.

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MrGS said...

What would be nice is to really bring back some of these old Broadway musicals as they were, with the clothing, culture and everything else that relate to those times.